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If you've got a unique or well kitted 4x4 we want to know about it. We're looking for a variety of 4x4's to feature in our Adventure Rig posts. To feature just send us a picture and a few short details. If we're not looking for what you've got at the time we'll save your details and keep your rig in mind for future posts.

There's a few things we require to feature your 4x4:

Answer some questions: If you've read one of our Adventure Rig posts then you already know exactly what questions we're going to ask. Theres no format to the answers you need to provide, it's very casual, just answer in your own way.

Photos: We require 5-6 photos minimum, more is better, preferably photos that relate to your answers. This isn't a for sale advert so no driveway shots! Photos will need to be decent quality, preferably unedited & un-cropped. Un-edited phone camera photos are acceptable.

The Process

We want to keep the process simple so it's quick and easy to feature your 4x4. Here's what will happen:

1 - Send us a message on Facebook, Instagram or email us below with a picture of your 4x4 and a very short description.

2 - If we want to feature your rig we'll contact you with the questions and how to send us photos.

3 - Send back your answers and photos.

Thats it! We'll format the post and send you the link when it's live. So get to it, message us now Facebook, Instagram or below.

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