Buying a Suspension Lift: Everything you should know

Posted Aug 5, 2017

Before you jump into purchasing or fitting a suspension lift for your 4WD there’s a few basics you need to know. It’s always good to gain knowledge about your car and how things work, not just

The Myth About LED Lighting

Posted Jul 12, 2017

Social media is full of misinformation being thrown around, but one pretty common thing I’ve seen chucked around a fair bit is people saying “LED’s drawer less power.” You might be thinking, hold up isn’t that

Clint’s LS1 Nissan Patrol

Posted Jun 28, 2017

Clint from Melbourne credits his parents for getting him into camping and 4wd’ing, spending a lot of time as kids exploring the High Country and Grampians areas. Clint purchased his stock 2000 Patrol back in 2009

Corey’s 79 Series Landcruiser Workhorse/Tourer

Posted Jul 14, 2017

Queenslander Corey Pitman, was straight into four-wheel-driving at the age of 17, getting out on the local tracks and heading for weekends away in his 1984 Hilux. Still hitting the tracks, Cory now adventures in a

Gavin’s 200 Series Landcruiser Ultimate Tourer

Posted Jul 5, 2017

Gavin’s VX200 V8 Landcruiser is one kitted out rig! With just 26km on the clock the Cruiser build began. Gavin grew up in the Pilbara so he’s been a keen explorer from a young age. Here’s

Offroad Navigation – Using Google Maps Offroad

Posted Jun 22, 2017

These days off-road maps and navigation devices make it easier to find your way around off-road, but what about when the tracks aren’t on the map? National Park maps are usually vague in the tracks they