Offical Introduction

Welcome to our website. What is Overland Adventure Co. exactly? We are a small group of 4-wheel-drivers who want to contribute something different to the off-road & touring community. That contribution is in the form of a website we hope will become a hub of information and inspiration for fellow 4-wheel-drivers. However, it’s not just all about us, the website is about sharing stories, adventures, pictures and videos from any 4-wheeler.

It’s so easy to share things online these days that so many people do it. The problem with this is there’s so much content it’s difficult to find the good stuff. Our aim is to make it easier to find quality content that is related to what you want.

In order to do this we welcome contribution from anyone. Individuals who just enjoy sharing their photography, couples who enjoy a bit of writing while on a trek across the country or 4WD groups who want to promote a community, whoever/whatever it may be we welcome it.

Why contribute? The off-roading community is usually a helpful bunch. We don’t mind getting dirty to help a fellow off-roader out of a pickle so why not be helpful by sharing photos or video that might inspire someone to go get out and explore more. Or share stories that will help someone plan their next trip.

Contribution to the website comes in several ways. Articles – Can be anything from a quick day trip to a trip away somewhere unique. Stories – Are about the bigger picture, in-depth of what it means to be an off-roader, what it takes to go on an adventure and what you should be prepared to do. Photo Essays – Sharing a photo or two online is easy but photo essays are about showing the bigger picture. Videos – Are fun & engaging and just like photos they help to show the bigger picture. Adventure Rigs – One thing about 4-wheel-drivers is we love a nice 4WD. But more than that, Adventure Rig posts can help inspire ideas of what people can do to their cars or help inform them about what might be the best setup to suit their needs. Visit the Contribute page for all the details and how to contribute.

Your content is always yours. We’re not out to steal content or change things and make it our own. You’ll be credited as the author and receive links to your website and/or social media channels if you choose.

The Overland Adventure Co. team will also be sharing our own content to the site and we also provide first hand information about some of the places we have travelled to on the Destinations page. We’ll continue to add more destinations to the site as we visit new places.

We hope that Overland Adventure Co. will become a quality source of information and inspiration for the off-roading community. If you’ve got something to share please visit the Contribution page or get in contact with us. If you know someone who has some great stories, is a gun with a camera or knows how to have an epic adventure let them know about Overland Adventure Co!