Moreton in Photos

When a deal came up for cheap ferry tickets to Moreton we jumped at the chance to head over for our second trip to the Island. After our first trip to the island in 2014, Moreton has been and still is one of my camping and off-roading destinations. We spent 5 days on the Island at the tail end of the Ekka holidays in August and despite those August winds and cooler temps it was still a great time to visit.


Arriving on our first day there was some patchy clouds and looked like a chance of a shower. We headed for Blue Lagoon campsite to get setup and perfect timing once we where done this huge gloomy storm cell headed over as. A quick dose of rain and the storm passed over.


A stark contrast between our first day, we began our second day with clear blue skies. Our first stop was Cape Moreton, a short distance from the campsite.


A walk up the cliffs or up to the lighthouse is always worth wild for the views or chance to see some ocean life. This pod of about 10 dolphins was out on the hunt for breakfast and travelled down along the coast line.


Next stop Honeymoon Bay, a beautiful protected beach between the cape and North Point. The beach is walk in but only a small distance either around the rocks from North Point or a short track that cuts through.


Late arvo, cursing back to camp along Bulwer-North Point Rd. About mid was along the track is Five Hills lookout, a great view of the island and over to the mainland. We decided we’d head to camp, grab some warm close and then come back to Five Hills for some photos as the sun set.


The lighthouse from down on the eastern beach at dusk. We may have pushed our luck with making to camp and back before the sun was down.


As we drove through Yellow patch the sun was hitting the horizon. By the time we made it to the lookout and walked up the hill the sun was gone, but we still managed to get few nice shots of the view across the bay over to the Glasshouse Mountains.


The southern end of the island, one of my favourite spots. It’s such a nice place and there’s hardly anyone else around. Another magnificent cloudless day with clear views over to Straddie. We had this small bay, Reeders Point (below) to ourselves.



We spent the afternoon making our way along the south-west coast stopping along the way at amazing spots like this. From up on the dunes there is spectacular views and on the Big Sand Hills you can enjoy them while you slide down the massive hills full pelt on a sandboard if you’re game.


The next day, later in the arvo it was back over the the south-western side. From the eastern beach we took the inland track over towards Kooringal.


Another top spot on the island, just out the front of Kooringal we launched the canoe for a late arvo paddle and fish.


What better way to finish a trip than watching the sunset over the Tangalooma Wrecks. The wrecks are a great spot to leave for your last day. You can relax and there’s no rush that you’ll have to make it across the island to the ferry on time.