Josh’s PX Ranger

Josh from Maitland in NSW got into 4x4ing as a kid, doing lots of camping and a bit of beach driving with his family. When Josh got his license he purchased a 96 Single Cab Hilux and started getting into some more serious offroading. Josh now owns a 2015 PX Ford Ranger 3.2L Diesel which he purchased brand new and completely stock. Here’s what he said about it…

Why did you choose this make/model & what do you use it for?
First thing that drew me towards the ranger was mainly the look of them. Also having a larger engine when compared to other modern dual cab utes was certainly a factor. After always owning older 4×4’s I knew I wanted something brand new. Being able to just jump in and head off without a worry. It’s not used as my daily at the moment.

Where has it taken you or what trips do you have planned with the car?
Moreton island would be the most notable trip I have done in the ranger. Also tackled the tracks at Lithgow, Yalwal and the Chichester Barrington Tops area. Most recent trip was to Forster and did the McBrides track. Vic high country would be the next big trip I would like to tick off.

What exterior mods have you done and what’s connected to it?
The Ranger has TJM bar work, bullbar, side bars and side steps. 9 inch LED spotlights on the bullbar and a Dominator winch. I don’t do a whole lot of night driving but when I need the the spotlights they do the job nicely. Only a cheap 4WD Supacentre set but definitely value for money. On the roof is a Rhino Rack Tradie Platform, Rooftop tent, 2×2.5m awning and shovel.

Can you explain your suspension and driveline mods?
In the front is a 2.5inch lift using Monster Rides coilovers. The rear has 2inch TJM springs. 285/70/R17 Michey Thompson ATZ’s on 17×9 black Rhino wheels. The Ranger has a factory rear diff lock and traction control. Traction control does help out but there are sometimes where the rear locker makes things so easy. I don’t really feel the need for a front locker for the time been.

What engine mods have you done?
3 inch exhaust straight through system & Legendex throttle control module.

What interior mods have you done? 
In the cab is a Oricom UHF and the all the seats are covered in Gotya Covered denim covers.

Tell us about your rear setup.
The tray has an Areoklas Canopy. Inside is Titan rear draws with a Waeco 40L fridge on top. In the drawers on one side is my cooking gear, plates utensils gas cooker and some food, the other side is camping gear and some tools.

What electrical setup do you have?
Dual battery setup in the tub which runs my fridge and lighting and whatever else I need. My second battery sits on top of the drawers behind my fridge, it’s a Kickass 120ah battery box with sockets and plugs built in to it, so for my lighting I just use LED strip lights with 12v plugs. In the future I’m looking to make a more permanent battery setup with some lights mounted on the roof racks for camp lights.

What is your favourite thing about your rig and would you change anything if you could do it all again?
Favourite thing about my rig is knowing it’s ready to head off for a night camping or a quick weekend fourby whenever I like. Chuck some food and drinks in and it’s basically ready to go. Only thing I would have done different would of been to go for a higher lift then I first did.

Do you have any future plans for your rig?
Some more lighting, light bars and camp lighting. Also changing the suspension setup in the future, a bit more lift to hopefully fit some larger rubber. And add a bit more power with a full remap or chip.

Find Josh on Instagram @josh___ranger