Fraser Island – West Coast

Exiting a track out on to Fraser’s west coast will leave you in awe at the pristine beauty of the island. The coast line seems almost untouched and thats due to the fact the west coast is not for the tourists or the inexperienced. The coast line is not completely drivable but there are serval spots you can get to depending how long you want to stay and what you want to do.

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Getting There

There are many tracks leading over to the western coast of Fraser and these tracks are the only way to get there, unfortunately you can’t drive around the northern or southern ends of the island.

The most popular spots on the west side for four-wheel-drivers are Wathumba Creek and the coast south of Wathumba to Moon Point. For Wathumba Creek the only way in and out is via the track starting at Orchid Beach. To get out onto the coast you can take any number of routes through the mid section of the island, either a more scenic drive or a direct route. There are 3 points on the west coast to get on and off the beach: near Moon Point, at Woralie Creek and at Awinya Creek.


The inland tracks are long and can be rough in spots, around the Moon Point area the lesser travelled tracks are quite narrow and boarded by thick scrub.

Taking the track to Awinya Creek requires crossing the creek to get to the campsites and on to the beach. The creek is mostly shallow but has a short deep section, combined with a high tide this could be well over the bonnet of a large car. Be sure to walk the creek first.

A lot of the western coast isn’t drivable due to National Parks restrictions and the coastline itself. The western beach changes conditions constantly and can be difficult to drive even at a low tide. Due to headlands, rocks and creek crossings driving long sections of the beach near high tide is not possible.

Driving to Wathumba Creek is very easy and much the same as the islands other inland tracks. Arriving at the creek there is only a small section of sandy creek bank you can drive on, be mindful that the sand below the high tide mark can be very soft.


5/5! The west coast of Fraser is an amazing place, depending where you go theres a chance you’ll have an entire camp area to yourself and not see another person for a week.


The west coast is considered remote and it’s not just a quick dash back over to the other side if you need something. Be prepared with ample supplies, water and fuel. Recovery gear is a must and we suggest travelling with at least one other vehicle if you’re planing to drive along the western beach. Also be sure to take insect repellant.

Things to do

Your driving is limited in some sections of the western coast but it is a perfect paradise to just park up and relax for a day or a few nights. The west coast provides shelter from offshore so the calm waters are a great place for boating or kayaking. Its also a beautiful place to swim, however, marine stingers and sharks are present in the waters so be careful where you swim.


Camping is available by car at Coongal Creek, Woralie Creek, Bowarrady Creek, Awinya Creek and Wathumba Creek. There are also a couple of boat access only camping zones. Apart from Wathumba all the camp areas have no facilities.


Standard camp fees apply for all camping zones and you’ll of course need a Fraser Island vehicle access permit. Both need to be purchased before getting to the island and can be bought at a number of places in Rainbow Beach and Hervey Bay or through National Parks online and over the phone.

Useful Info

Take out what you bring in, rubbish stations are provided on the east coast. Mobile coverage on the west coast is intermittent. Be mindful of sharks and marine stingers in the waters and strong tide currents in the creeks.
Information and Map,
Permit Booking phone 13 74 68 or
Ferry Information,