Fraser Island – Sandy Cape

Sandy Cape is a spectacular section of Fraser Island, the tour buses and tag alongs don’t get up this way so its left all for us four-wheel-drivers to experience. The very tip of the island has 2 remote camping zones but you can comfortably experience the northern sections in a day, however driving is only permitted on the beach north of Ngkala from 6am to 6pm during November to March.

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Getting There

The only way to get to the tip is to head out onto Orchid Beach and travel north along the east coast, not far along you’ll reach Ngkala Rocks and from there it’s about 30kms to the top. Timing the tides is necessary to ensure you’ll have a manageable drive north and be able to get around the tip.[simple_tooltip content=’This is the content for the tooltip bubble’]This triggers the tooltip[/simple_tooltip]


The infamous Ngkala Rocks bypass always presents a challenge for some, be it heavily loaded or inexperienced, you’re almost sure to see someone digging themselves out. The sand is very soft and the track is reasonably long. Tyre pressures are key here, you may even need to drop pressures right down for the bypass then pump them back up a bit on the other side. Its a good idea to make a call on UHF40 to check if the track is clear and let others know you’re entering.

The drive north along the beach is much the same as driving Frasers other east-coast beaches, just be mindful of a few rocks early on, at higher tides you’ll need to navigate through them.

From the tip you can head around the corner towards the camping zone and lighthouse, a small section of the north beach is blocked by fallen trees and only traversable around low tide. Driving along the north of the island is very easy going but remember you can only head west as far as the lighthouse gate.


While providing more remoteness and more involved driving than other parts of the island, the northern section is still relatively accessible and quite popular. We give Sandy Cape a 3.5 on the adventure scale.

Useful Info

Take out what you bring in, the closest rubbish station is near Waddy Point. Mobile coverage in the Sandy Cape area is intermittent.
Information and Map,
Permit Booking phone 13 74 68 or
Ferry Information,


Sandy Cape is considered a remote part of the island, access is tide dependent as well as restrictions on driving at times so have a plan with your driving times. There are no facilities after Orchid beach so make sure you have ample supplies and water.

Things to do

Sandy Cape provides another change in scenery from other parts of the island. You can experience the massive sand blow at the tip of the island, walk into the lighthouse or relax on the sheltered north-facing beach.


There are 2 camping zones in the Sandy Cape area, the first about ???????kms from Nagla Rocks on the eastern beach, the second is on the northern beach just a few k’s around the tip of the island. Both zones are considered remote and have no facilities. The zones cater for a small amount of people but are relatively not to popular depending on the time of year.


Standard camp fees apply for both camping zones and you’ll of course need a Fraser Island vehicle access permit. Both need to be purchased before getting on the island and can be bought at a number of places in Rainbow Beach and Hervey Bay or through National Parks online and over the phone.