A Fraser Island Photo Journey

Since Fraser is one of the most iconic off-roading destinations in Australia we thought instead of rambling on about what’s been said before, we’d take you on a journey using photos from our most recent trip. If you haven’t seen or read or heard anything about the island before there’s a thousand blogs, articles, websites where you can find everything there possibly is to know including on our Destinations posts.

We spent a week on the island arriving for the ferry at 4am Easter Friday in an attempt to beat the ferry queue. Landing on the island just as the sun was coming up we watched a spectacular sunset as we drove along the beach. The clouds then started to set in and it looked like we’re in for a bit of a dull day. Passing by Indian head it was looking gloomy but that soon cleared and the sun came out as we searched for our campsite.

Fraser Island - Indian Head

After finding camp we spent most of the day just relaxing around camp and trying to recover from waking up at 12am to get to the ferry before sun-up. (Below – The beach in front of Ocean Lake camping area)

Fraser Island - Orchid Beach

Fraser Island - Waddy Point

(Above) Orchid beach and Waddy point is a great place to spend a bit of time. The beach towards the point is sheltered from offshore winds and best of all the tourist and tour buses don’t get up that far.

Fraser Island - Ngkala Rocks

On the Sunday we set of for Sandy Cape, that means passing through the infamous Ngkala Rocks. For most of us there were no issues but some had troubles, which slowed our larger group down at bit.

Arriving at the tip of the island at high tide meant it wasn’t possible to pass around the point onto the northern beach. The tide eventfully dropped enough to get past the dunes but not enough to get around the fallen trees at the tip. The bypass track for the tree debris meant a steep, soft climb off the beach.

Fraser Island - Sandy Cape

We watched many 4×4’s go before us and have difficulty getting up. Most of us got up first go but some had multiple attempts mostly due to selecting the wrong gear and not having the momentum.

Fraser Island - Sandy Cape

Monday being the last day for most of the group, we spent the morning relaxing on the beautiful western coast until we parted ways. (Below)

Fraser Island - Platypus Bay

Down to a 2 car convoy the next day we headed south taking in the sites of the Maheno Wreck, Eli Creek, Lake Wabby and then finishing up the day at Lake McKenzie.

Fraser Island - Lake McKenzie

Fraser Island - Inland Track

(Above) The inland tracks were bumpy and rutted in sections. Perhaps due to the recent cyclone and weather.

Onto the western beach for our last 2 nights of the trip, we stayed at Woralie Creek and ventured up and down the beach exploring the coast.

Fraser Island - Woralie Creek

Fraser Island - Woralie Creek

(Above) Crossing the mouth of Woralie at low tide means it’s only a few inches deep.

Fraser Island - Coongul Creek

Heading south from Woralie Road for about 10km we reached the mouth of Coongul Creek. Coongul is a massive tidal creek which travels parallel to the beach for a few kilometres before diverting inland. It was low tide when we arrived and still very deep, so that’s where our southbound adventure stopped.

Watching the sunsets on the western beach is one of the best reasons why you should stay over there. Even with a few rain clouds hanging around we still witnessed some beautiful sunsets.

Fraser Island - West Coast

Our last day on the island was spent for travelling back to the Inskip Point ferry. Having the whole day to do so, there was no rush. After arriving back on the east coast mid-morning we had another stop at Eli Creek to wash off with fresh water before continuing on south and home.