Bush to Beach

If you’re someone who prefers a bit of adventure rather then just blasting up the highway to get to your destination the shortest way possible, then read on. If you’ve been to Cooloola Recreation area (or DI as most call it) a couple of times then you’ve probably seen and done most of what the area has on offer. But there’s plenty more in the region that can add adventure to a short trip.

We had 3 nights/4 days to work with and were deciding where we could spend them. Beach was high on the list being the start of summer and since we hadn’t hit the sand for a while. Getting to the islands (Moreton, Fraser, Straddie) is a little costly for a quick trip so they were ruled out. Bribie has little to offer for 4 days of adventure so that just leaves DI. However we’ve spent plenty of time at DI over the years, it’s a great place to relax for a few days but we wanted adventure! So instead of just taking the shortest route from Brisbane we decided to take the long way round.

Cedar Creek Camping

On Wednesday morning we headed for Amamoor State Forest. We arrived at Cedar Creek Campsite for a quick lunch stop. We claimed a campsite and set out for some exploring in the forest. We spent the afternoon taking just about every wrong turn we could until we eventfully found the trail we wanted to check out. The trail didn’t look like it sees much action, there were a few branches that needed tossing off the track and a larger tree that required a 2 person push out of the way. Late in the afternoon we found an exit from the trail and headed back to camp for a swim and relax.

Thursday morning started of with some more wrong turns but that intern lead us to taking a trail that wasn’t intended. Marys Creek state forest ended up being an enjoyable drive. Again the track looked like it doesn’t see much action from 4-wheel-drivers with the occasional branch that couldn’t be driven over. The track wasn’t anything tough but still had some enjoyable inclines and descents. Exiting from the forest trail you get to stay on the dirt, heading north towards Glastonbury. You can continue all the way straight through to Glastonbury but where’s the fun in that? After about 10km of dirt road a right turn on Wilson Rd takes you to the southern entrance of Glastonbury State Forest. The 15km of forest trail was some more enjoyable driving, climbing the hills for some fantastic views.

Glastonbury State Forest

The end of the forest trail takes you right out to Gympie Woolooga Rd and it’s a short drive into Gympie. After a quick lunch stop in Gympie it was onwards to the beach! We arrived in Rainbow mid-afternoon and headed round to Double Island Point for a quick swim before heading over to Teewah to find a campsite.

Rainbow Beach Double Island Point

Cooloola Recreation Area Poverty Point

Friday, we had the whole day to kill. I’ve been to DI so many times I’ve lost count but there were still 2 places I hadn’t seen. The first was actually stopping in at Freshwater lake. I’ve driven past it many times but we finally took a moment to check it out. However, it was a major disappointment, so it was on to Poverty Point. The track into Poverty had a sort of in-land Fraser felling to it, soft in sections and similar vegetation. Eventfully we popped out at the point camp area, which was a nice little spot. After a swim at Poverty Point we took our time heading back out to DI Point stopping for some photos and drone flying. From DI the Leasa track got us over to Teewah and back to camp.

Poverty Point

After 1 ½ days of bush and 1 ½ beach we had covered a few k’s and experienced a few new places and tracks, we were in no rush to get anywhere and had plenty of time, defiantly a worthwhile trip. The Saturday was then left for an unrushed journey down Teewah Beach and home.

Check out some of the drone video clips we got while on the trip.