About us

We believe one of the best ways to learn about places to go & things to do, is to hear and see from other likeminded adventurers. Overland Adventure Co. is a website for all 4WD'ers, campers, adventurers... to allow those people to discover, be informed and get inspired. Over time we will continue to grow the website and our social media channels sharing content from our own experiences and other real 4wd'ers.

Our website is more than just another standard blog. The "Posts" section of the site shares stories, photography, videos & vehicles of our own and others. We welcome contribution from anyone, you could have a cool story you want to tell or information to share that will help other 4WD'ers.

"Adventure Rigs" is about sharing modified vehicles to help inspire other people with their own builds or help inform them about setups that may suit their needs. Plus we all love to check out some well kitted 4WDs.

The "Destinations" section is information first hand about the places we have travelled to, with the aim of showing not just telling.

For information about contributing or being a part of Overland Adventure Co. visit the contribute page. We also welcome feedback on what you think could be improved or what you love and want more of. Send us a message via facebook or visit the contact page.

If you see us out on the tracks, be sure to come say G'day!


Dan (Founder)



Michael (Co-Founder)