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Mark & Jolie’s world travelling Troopy

Posted Nov 16, 2017

Mark & Jolie from The Way Overland are taking on the world in their 2006 HDJ78R Troopcarrier! Mark grew up on a farm and had picked up 4WD’ing as a necessity to get around. Jolie, having

Josh’s PX Ranger

Posted Sep 27, 2017

Josh from Maitland in NSW got into 4x4ing as a kid, doing lots of camping and a bit of beach driving with his family. When Josh got his license he purchased a 96 Single Cab Hilux

What you really need: Guide to 4WD Touring Mods

Posted Sep 18, 2017

At the 4×4 show one year an exhibitor was handing out a full A4 page list titled along the lines of “What you need for touring.” We don’t disagree with anything that was on the list,

Dave’s Adventure Lux

Posted Nov 1, 2017

The 4×4 obsession hit Dave when he bought his 2008 Dual Cab Hilux and started heading out camping and offroading near his house in the Blue Mountains NSW. Dave’s Hilux is now a well setup tourer

Essential 4WD’ing Spares

Posted Sep 25, 2017

What’s in your spares parts kit? A good kit is a vital part of 4WD’ing. Even a small kit could be the different between getting back on the road and enjoying your trip or ending up

Tom’s Tough Tourer 79 Cruiser

Posted Sep 11, 2017

Tom from Perth says his dad got him into 4WD’ing at a young age. At 15/16 he purchased his first car, a 2000 TJ Wrangler. Starting out with a bit of beach driving, Tom’s passion for